Promoting young talent has always been one of Wim Wenders’ central concerns.

Wim Wenders supports and advises young filmmakers by awarding the Wim Wenders Grant, together with the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. In addition, he continues to share his knowledge and experience through lectures, master classes and Q&As worldwide.

By preserving, restoring and distributing Wenders’ lifework, the Wim Wenders Foundation facilitates and promotes artistic, scientific, and pedagogical exchange with cultural, research, and educational institutions.

For young filmmakers: the grant

An important aspect of the foundation’s work is supporting innovative cinematic narration. Together with the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW the Wim Wenders Foundation has awarded the Wim Wenders Grant once a year since 2014. The grant enables young filmmakers to realize innovative and unconventional projects by new means and thus enrich our common visual language. You can find further information and documents relating to the Wim Wenders Grant at

For young academics: materials on Wenders’ works

The Wim Wenders Foundation archive is currently being administered in Berlin in order to organize it systematically and make it available for research, releases, presentations and educational projects. Within the scope of its possibilities, the foundation also supports groundbreaking research projects, symposiums and publications by making contributions and assisting with printing costs. For requests concerning archive material, restoration work and ongoing projects, please contact us via email at

For children and young adults: film education

The Wim Wenders Foundation also increasingly sees itself as an advocate of a forward-thinking and pressing task: introducing the German and European cultural treasure, film, to young people as part of the secondary school curriculum. We would like to spread enthusiasm for European cinema, help to teach the basics of a critical media discourse to children and young adults, and keep our European film heritage alive. Our commitment in the field of film education will include providing films, developing teaching materials and realizing projects and cooperations with schools.