05.12. - 22.05.

Group Exhibition: »Der Raum zwischen den Personen kann die Decke tragen« | Collection Ivo Wessel

in Bremen, Germany

»Der Raum zwischen den Personen kann die Decke tragen« (“The space between the characters can carry the load”) is one of Friedrich Munros’ most significant metaphorical quotations in Wim Wenders’ film „The State of Things“ from 1982. Yet, the quotation is title to Ivo Wessel’s art collection, in which he impressively displays the work of over 30 contemporary artists, presenting their video works, photo series and objects in a new context. Also including photographs of Wim Wenders and a film by Donata Wenders, Wessel’s collection combines both conceptual art and pictorial story telling and gives insight in the cultural landscape of the present, where boundaries and relationships are rethought and build in a new way.

The exhibition “Der Raum zwischen den Personen kann die Decke tragen” will be in display from 5th December 2015 – 22nd Mai 2016 in Weserburg – Museum of Modern Art in the city of Bremen.
Exhibition Opening on December 4th | 7 p.m.

Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art
For further information regarding the exhibition and the participating artists please see:

Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art