“To describe states and capture moods, that was our primary goal, and even as a young cameraman Robby was a brilliant capturer of ‘moods’, where the atmosphere of an image tells more about one’s protagonist than dialogues and dramatic structures do.”

// To translate a filmmaker’s vision with an individual sensibility and at the same time manage to create an experimental and poetic cinematic and visual language: to transform interiority into exteriority with LIGHT, COLOR, RHYTHM, FRAMING and MOVEMENT. Like a painter with his pigment, Robby Müller fills the screen with life. For Wim Wenders, he has been a longtime friend and creative companion. Together they have realized 12 films and countless iconic film moments over the years.

Until September 4th 2016 visitors can see the comprehensive retrospective MASTER OF LIGHT – ROBBY MÜLLER: CINEMATOGRAPHER OF WIM WENDERS, JIM JARMUSCH, LARS VON TRIER AND STEVE MCQUEEN at the Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam. The exhibition also provides glimpses into Müller’s private archive.

// To translate an author’s work to cinematic space and moving image.
After 3 AMERICAN LPs (1969), THE GOALIE’S ANXIETY AT THE PENALTY KICK (1971), WRONG MOVE (1975) and WINGS OF DESIRE (1987), now comes THE BEAUTIFUL DAYS OF ARANJUEZ, the fifth collaboration between Peter Handke and Wim Wenders: A beautiful summer day. A garden. A terrace. A woman and a man under the trees, with a soft summer wind. In the distance, in the vast plain, the silhouette of Paris. A conversation begins: questions and answers between the woman and the man. It deals with sexual experiences, childhood, memories, the essence of summer and the difference between men and women, it deals with feminine perspective and masculine perception. With THE BEAUTIFUL DAYS OF ARANJUEZ Wim Wenders stages the play by his longtime friend Peter Handke, it features performances by Sophie Semin, Reda Kateb and Jens Harzer, and Nick Cave appears as himself. The film will celebrate its world premiere in the competition section at this year’s 73rd Venice Film Festival and open in German cinemas on November 24th 2016.

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