Music can be a motor. A music-playing device can become by necessity a life-saving machine. When the protagonists in a Wenders film fall silent, the music carries us forwards. Wim Wenders’ movies tell their stories through the interaction between sound and image. Starting today, New York’s IFC Center will host a film retrospective initiated by Janus Films that places this aspect of Wim Wenders’ cinematic work squarely in the spotlight. In the scope of this series of screenings, Wim Wenders will speak about the soundscapes in his films, his sources of inspiration and the music that has influenced him and provided impulses for his work.

For additional program information, check the IFC Website.

Those dear old life-saving machines can be restocked with new tunes this fall!

Wim Wenders received an album as a gift for his 70th birthday: WIM’s – DRIVEN BY MUSIC is a compilation featuring many of his musical companions and friends from over the years, which will be released on vinyl in late November as a limited-edition triple LP. We are opening up that characteristic Wenders sound world to audiences old and new.

With the help of our visionary partners, we have succeeded in adding a previously missing piece to the puzzle that is Wim Wenders’ collected cinematic work: THE GOALIE’S ANXIETY AT THE PENALTY KICK is now once again available to be shown, after more than forty years, due to the foundation’s fruitful efforts to clarify the music rights for the film’s extensive soundtrack. In the scope of the restoration process, 6 new songs were produced, which are now available for the first time as a limited-edition collectors’ item on 10″ vinyl.
The restoration work and the music sessions are documented on our website and in the short film RESTORING TIME.

A soundtrack featuring Alexandre Desplat’s music for the film EVERY THING WILL BE FINE is also slated for release in September. The film will celebrate its North American premiere on the 11th of September at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Alas, in Wim Wenders’ world, where there’s a soundscape, exquisite images can’t be very far behind: In the upcoming exhibition TIME CAPSULES. BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. WIM WENDERS’ RECENT PHOTOGRAPHS will be on display at Berlin’s Blain|Southern gallery from September 16th to November 14th.


We would like to thank all of the musicians, participants and partners for their tireless efforts and all of their blood, sweat and tears – especially Barbara Berndorff & Milena Fessmann, Kai-Peter Uhlig, Beckmann and his bandmates from LOVEGROVE, Ansgar Frerich & BASISberlin, Stefan Betke and Sven Hasenjäger.  Without all of you, things would be a whole lot quieter around these parts!