Same Player Shoots Again

„SCHAUPLÄTZE was my first short film. But it got lost somehow. However, two leftover shots remained and became the first two shots of SAME PLAYER SHOOTS AGAIN. They form some kind of prelude. The rest of the film, after the title consists of a three minute shot repeated five times, like the five balls in a pinball machine. It was shot in black and white and then repeated five times, dyed in a different color each time. It did not really turn out a color film. Just a bit of blue, red, yellow and green along the road.”


West Germany 1967
Length: 12 min
Format: 16mm Blow-Up 35mm black and white, color dyed;1:1,37

2K Restoration 2015, 2K DCP

Cast and crew

Production: Wim Wenders Produktion (Munich) Director: Wim Wenders Producer: Wim Wenders Screenplay: Wim Wenders Director of Photography: Wim Wenders Editor: Wim Wenders Cast: Hanns Zischler

Music: “Mood Music” Premiere (DE): 11.10.1967, Mannheim, International Film Festival

Press Sheet (PDF)

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